The current provision «Disclaimer of Liability and Warranties» is an official provision of the online service (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

The Provision regulates the extent of liability and warranties contemplated by the Service Administration in the process of using its functional possibilities by users.

By using the Service, the User expresses his agreement with this document and its regulating conditions, as well as accepts all the responsibility that can be placed on him as a result of using the Service.

The Service Administration has determined the following provisions and norms regulating the Service usage, as well as the extent of additional responsibility of the Users and the Service Administration:

1. The Service shall not guarantee that the software, servers and networks used by the Service do not contain errors, bugs and malware. The Service shall not be liable in case if using of the Service has led to data loss or equipment damage.

2. The Service shall not be liable for any possible failure or intermission in the Service work and any data loss caused by such accident. The Service shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User’s PC, mobile device, any other kind of equipment or software that was a result of using the Service, available by hyperlinks located at the Service pages by the Users third parties. Following the links to third-party websites, installation of programs and using third-party services shall be under the User’s responsibility.

3. The Service shall not be liable or obliged for any damage that can be a result of the User’s interaction with advertisements published at the Service webpage, if such ads were published at the Service pages.

4. In any circumstances, the Service shall not be liable to the Users or third parties for any damage including lost benefits or data, harm to life and health, honor and business reputation as a result of the Service use, its features, content or other materials that are accessible to the Users or third parties with the help of the Service, even if the Service has warned them of this harm and its consequences.

5. The Service shall not be liable for illegal placement of any intellectual property at the Service pages. The Users who have uploaded such objects and content at the Service website shall carry all responsibility for such placement.

6. Any brand, symbol and trademark of products, services and organizations, design right, copyright and coterminous (common) rights mentioned, used and cited at the Service webpage, belong to their legal owners and their usage here shall not give the right for any other kind of usage somewhere else. If no other information is provided, the Service pages shall not be considered as connected to the right holder, and no one, except for the right holder, shall dispose the rights for using materials secured by copyright.

7. The page composition, logo, diagrams and photos published at the Service pages are protected by copyright.

8. The Service shall not guarantee and shall not be liable for weather, transport and other conditions, which may occur during the services provision. This type of circumstances is related to the force majeure circumstances.

9. The Service shall not guarantee the correct compliance with the tour and sightseeing schedule specified in the tour program. The Service has the right to bring minor changes to the tour schedule unilaterally, as well as the list of sights for visiting.

10. The Service shall not guarantee the fulfillment of all the expectations the User planned to obtain at the moment of ordering the service.

11. The Service shall not be liable for any damage the User can receive in the process of the services provision from the side of the third parties, if the User decides to conclude any separate agreement with such third parties.

12. The Service shall not guarantee the provision of high-qualified medical assistance to the User on a free-of-charge basis. The User shall purchase the insurance certificate before the services provision begins.

13. The Service shall not guarantee the provision of legal and any other kind of assistance, except for the cases guaranteed by provisions of the selected and prepaid tour.

14. The Service shall be liable to the User only to the extent provided in accordance with the Agreement between the Parties and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law the Service shall not be responsible for direct and indirect losses, missed profit, moral damage carried by the User connected to the Service use or impossibility to use it.

2. If the User violates principles and norms of the Provision or other regulating documents of the Service, the User shall repay all losses caused by such actions to the Service to the full extent.


1. The Online Service Administration shall not be liable for partial or full noncompliance of the Agreement provisions, if such noncompliance has become a result of force majeure occurred after publication of the Agreement being the result of acts of God that could not be foreseen or prevented.

2. The following events making provision of the Agreement impossible shall be related to force majeure: earthquakes, floods, other natural disasters, fires, nuclear and other industrial accidents as well as strikes, hostilities, civil disorders or authority acts interfering execution of the Agreement conditions. All other obstacles regardless of their nature or characteristics shall not be considered as force majeure, except for the obstacles that shall be specifically recognized by the Parties as caused by force majeure circumstances.


1. In case if any term is considered as illegal according to the current law, the other conditions shall stay in full force.

2. The Service shall have the right to change the text of the Provision, informing the Users about this change by publishing a new version of the Provision on the Internet at the current website. The User shall regularly monitor any changes submitted to the Provision. If the User does not agree with a new version of the Provision, the User shall stop using the Service immediately. If the User continues using the Service after the updated Provision has come into force, the User confirms his full agreement with the new Provision version by these actions.

3. The Service e-mail:

Publication Date: 03.03.2017 Online Service Administration