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Individual and group tours for 2019 are open now!
The schedule of tours


VIP car/minibus tours:
06-17.05 Vladivostok – Novosibirsk
19-30.05 Novosibirsk – St.Petersburg
02-13.06 St.Petersburg – Novosibirsk
15-27.07 Novosibirsk – Vladivostok
Bus tours:
04-16.08 St.Petersburg – Novosibirsk
02-14.09 Novosibirsk – St.Petersburg
16-28.09 St.Petersburg – Novosibirsk
20-30.08 Novosibirsk – St.Petersburg
01-13.10 St.Petersburg – Novosibirsk

Laboratory of tourism


Village Vyatskoye in the Yaroslavl region is called the "laboratory of tourism." One local businessman with the support of the district and rural administration has successfully established recently several interesting museums. Among them - the museum "Russian bathhouse for some real fun", the Museum of Russian fun, interactive tour "One hour in a rich farmhouse" and "Museum of Angels." As a result, Vyatskoe village has already been included in almost all the guides of the Golden Ring tour.



01.04.2018 It's no wonder that nowadays many people tend to be more interested in psychological relief, choosing ecotourism instead of star hotels. Ecotourism is a modern word people often talk about but hopefully it will become the main form of domestic tourism in Russia. According to an expert, ecological tourism should help develop regions, preserve ethnic color and, as a result, contribute to the welfare of rural residents. Specially protected areas can be considered as some “start points” around which both the ecotourism philosophy and the local infrastructure are formed.

Individual and group tours for 2018 are open now!
The schedule of tours


VIP car/minibus tours:
May 14-24: Novosibirsk – St.Petersburg
May 26 - June 5: Vladivostok – Novosibirsk
June 7-17: Novosibirsk – St.Petersburg
June 19-29: St.Petersburg – Novosibirsk
July 1-10: Novosibirsk – Vladivostok
Bus tours:
July 15-25: St.Petersburg - Novosibirsk
July 27 - August 06: Novosibirsk - St.Petersburg
August 9-18: St. Petersburg - Novosibirsk
August 20-30: Novosibirsk - St. Petersburg
September 01-10: St. Petersburg - Novosibirsk
September 12-22: Novosibirsk - St. Petersburg

Tourist flow from China to Russia shows tremendous growth rates


Every year the tourist flow from China to Russia shows tremendous growth rates. For example, in 2017, the Chinese have traveled abroad for 145 million times. This year this figure can grow to 154 million trips. However, it is important to mention that China includes not only Mainland tourists but also tourists from neighboring countries and special administrative regions of China, such as, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as Taiwan (69.7 million in total).