stele of Vladivostok Tour to Vladivostok city
Stella Khabarovsk Tour to Khabarovsk city
Tour to Belogorsk town
Siberian moose Tour to Chita city
Stella Ulan-Ude Tour to Ulan-ude city
Tour to Baikal lake
Stella Krasnoyarsk Tour to Krasnoyarsk city
Tour to Novosibirsk, Cantre of Siberia
the monument to the founder of the city of Omsk Tour to Omsk city
Stella at the entrance to the city Tour to Ufa city
Stella of the city of Kazan Tour to Kazan city
Monument to Minin and Pozharsky Tour to Nizhniy Novgorod city
St Basil's Cathedral on red square Tour to Moscow city, Capital of Russia
the monument to Alexander Nevsky Tour to Velikiy Novgorod town
Palace bridge in Saint Petersburg Tour to Saint-Petersburg, Russian Venice